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(odd) BL465c ilo fault

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(odd) BL465c ilo fault

We have a C7000 enclosure with 9 BL465c installed all with dual port HBA's. One of the blades becomes inaccessible via its ilo shortly after booting. When switched on it is possible to ping the ilo for a while then it stops responding - it is configured correctly. The system board has been swapped, the HBA removed and the memory swapped just in case something was dragging it down. It has been tried in different (known working) bays but all to no avail. Server firmware & Enclosure firmware at latest releases. Fresh out of ideas so over to you lot. Any help appreciated.
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Re: (odd) BL465c ilo fault

Hi Radford,

What message r u getting in RBSU.
Can you Access ILO through F8 prompt in RBSU.

Did you try to Access ILO through OA.

What is the error message you are getting when
you try to Access it through OA.