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Older C7000 with newest Modules (OA and VC)

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Older C7000 with newest Modules (OA and VC)

Patrick had a chassis upgrade question:




I just need a confirmation. My customer is planning to “retro-fit” their old c7000 enclosures with the latest OA, VC-Flex10 and VC-FC 8GB. Is this a supported configuration?


The only gotcha I saw for “first” generation c7000 enclosure is that the QDR Infiniband is not supported.




From Kurt:

All c7000 enclosures support the latest OA, VC-Flex10, and VC-FC 8GB.


For the RoHS c7000 SKUs we introduced in the spring of 2009, we took the opportunity to improve the signal integrity of the signal midplane.  This new signal midplane supports QDR Infiniband and 6 Gb SAS switches.


From Jeroen:

There is no support for 6GB SAS & QDR IB on a enclosure SKU starting with 4xxxxx-xxx ; a customer has to buy a new enclosure then.
The QS of the 6GB SAS & QDR IB clearly states that a Enclosure SKU with 5xxxxx-xxx is needed; meaning the customer could be aware that he has to buy a new enclosure.




Hope this helps you with upgrades. Comments?