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onboard administrator

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onboard administrator

hi, I adhi
I have a c3000 enclosure and 4 blade BL460C, this time I could not connect with the onboard administrator via IE, please help how do I get connected again, what should I do? thank you

nb. how do I reset the OA, please help

Re: onboard administrator


Are you able to ping the OA IP address?
What happens when you try to access OA from IE?
Did you try with other browser? is it working?
What is the version of IE?
And what is OA firmware version? (latest version is 3.21).
Also, check the enclosure insight display once.

To reset OA - you can find the reset button on OA module.

Murali Mohan
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Re: onboard administrator

try telnet to the OA using the username and password you configured it with or the default one after resetting it if you really have to do that.

Maybe somebody turned the web access off and left on telent and ssh. You can do that for security if somebody wanted to.

Re: onboard administrator

HI there,

this is an isolation phase... is it a problem with IE or OA itself has a problem.

to isolate IE issue first, try any other secure website and see whether it is opening... or using any other system in the same network to access Onboard Administrator using IE.

If you got a same issue with different IE used at different machines... then it could an issue with OA Weblogin or OA itself..

Now isolate OA Web (GUI) issue.

The Onboard Administrator CLI can be accessed remotely through any Telnet or SSH session.

The Onboard Administrator can be also be accessed locally through a serial port connector on the rear of the Onboard Administrator module.

after loggin in check whether Web interface is enabled..
Onboard Administrator Protocol Status:
Web (HTTP/HTTPS): Enabled

ref to this guide for more help

hope this helps,
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