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Ordering Active / Standby Onboard Administrator for C-3000

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Ordering Active / Standby Onboard Administrator for C-3000

Mohan had a question regarding the c3000 chassis:




We are in the process of ordering redundant OA for a C3000 that we have.

We have some confusion on the part numbers and the existing OA.


Right now we have one single full wide tray (not removable active OA but a removable tray) and its part number is 590863-B21 (Spare P/N: 599668-001). Do we need to replace this tray and get 2 OA’s?


We accessed a C-3000 in Houston with redundant OA's whose part numbers are OA1 P/N: 488099-B21 (OA1 Spare P/N: 486823-001) and OA2 P/N: 488100-B21 (OA2 Spare P/N: 486822-001). We would like to have a configuration something like this one, where there is one active OA and one standby OA.


Lee and I  looked at the quick specs and we find the following information (only two part numbers 488100-B21 and 590863-B21)


Onboard Administrator ( Redundant OA for New Models)

All New Models including The Integrity Bundles ( System: Std 0 //  Max 1)  ( User Selection:  Min 0  // Max 1 )

488100-B21 #0D1       HP BLc3000 Dual DDR2 Onboard Admin 1 kit


All New Models (including The Integrity Bundles) come standard with 1 Onboard Administrator.  This second Onboard Administrator can be added  to provide redundancy.


Onboard Administrator (for Field Upgrades Only)

590863-B21 #0D1       HP BLc3000 DDR2 OA Rotate LCD 1 kit


This BTO Only OA may be used to upgrade the OA on an existing  enclosure. This OA includes both redundancy support and a rotatable LCD.


What is the part number we need  to order and how many? Do you have any information?. Please let's know.




From Monty:




You would need to order both the new part numbers to update an older c3000 enclosure to redundant OA configuration.


The second part number includes one OA with DDR2 and the integrated tray with LCD and a bay for the second OA.

The first part number is the optional OA with DDR2 that plugs into that tray.




Any other questions or advice?