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Partial Power Outage causes performance degradation

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Partial Power Outage causes performance degradation

We have a c3000 chassis with BL460 blades running VMware, we had a single rail power outage in the rack which caused a CPU performance change despite having redundant power supplies (3 of which were always powered up). This performance degradation continued even after we changed the power redundancy options to clear the iLO IML entry: 'CPUs operating at reduced performance level due to an enclosure power event'. That entry persists but the power management appears normal and set for full performance. What can we do to diagnose, fix and prevent.

Re: Partial Power Outage causes performance degradation

Hi Fiona,

You may backup the enclosure configuration and reset or power cycle the whole enclosure.

log in to Onboard administrator, click on enclosure setting and click on script to generate show all report. its a txt based report provides complete information about c7000/c3000 enclosure and helps in diagnosis/analysis

Check and update the bladesystem firmware using blade firmware DVD

Once enclosure level troubleshooting is performed, try to narrow down the issue at individaul blade server level.
1. update PSP and firmware.
2. run offline diagnostic.
3. check event logs
4. capture the logs and send them to HP for analysis.


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