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Post Error #226 and what does that mean?

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Post Error #226 and what does that mean?

Question from Weng on  power-up error that occurred:




Hi Experts,


I recently replaced a systemboard on BL460 Gen8 which had and post error 226,  

System Power Fault Detected. System Has Enabled Power Protection and Disabled Power Supplies


There’s an advisory that also states the fix is to reset the CMOS and NVRAM using maintenance switch 6 or replacing the Systemboard.


However it doesn’t state the cause of this error, What would cause a post error 226.


Is it FW related?




Reply from Rick:




The “226 System Power Fault Detected” message is a generic term indicating that a power fault occurred on one of the power rails in the system. The Error is generic in that it could be from any sub-system (Processor, Memory, Storage or possibly I/O). The system has tripped the EFuse circuit for the platform preventing the system from powering on.  The directions indicating that the maintenance switch be used to clear the error simply clears the EFuse latch in NVRAM and allows the system to boot.






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Re: Post Error #226 and what does that mean?

Hello, solved this problem ?