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Power & Cooling questions

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Power & Cooling questions

Angel had some questions regarding data center temps and BladeSystem power & cooling:




In a recent meeting with a customer, the customer asked me two questions related to power and cooling that I could not answer. If anybody could help me, I will appreciate a lot.


Questions are:


  • The customer has detected that when the Intel speed step feature decreases the frequency of the processor, the performance already decreases. I mean, for example, if the processor is running at 100% of frequency and giving a performance of 25%, if the frequency bellows to 50%, the performance also decreases to 12%, instead of remaining at 25%. How could we explain this behavior?
  • This question is related to Intel HTA (High Ambient Temperature) feature. Intel recommends not to cool too much datacenter and customer also has detected the following situation. When the temperature of the datacenter is increased from 25° to 30° the power consumption increases 25%, instead of maintaining or decreasing due to the fact that less cooling is necessary. How could we explain this behavior?



Input from Ken:




I believe the increased power consumption at higher inlet temperatures is caused by increased fan speed.  While the increase in fan speed will use more energy at the server level, the savings at the data center level more than makes up for it due to increased efficiency of the data center cooling systems at higher temperatures.




Any other input regarding this?