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Power down 20+ C7000 enclosure

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Power down 20+ C7000 enclosure

Question from Al on c7000 enclosure power down:




Hello Team,


The C7000 enclosures have either BL460c G6 or BL460c Gen8 blades. The datacenter power is being shut down. The interconnect are HP VC Flex-10 Enet Modules (2) and the HP 8/24c SAN switch (2) for a total of 4 interconnects in each C7000 enclosure. All enclosures are the same.


Shutdown Procedure:


  1. Shutdown operating system/power down blade
  2. Question: do I need power down the interconnect boards individually or can I power off the enclosure after the blades are down?






Input from Bhavin:




You can go to OA GUI – Interconnect modules --- Select all the interconnects and do power off.




Info from David as well:




For what it's worth (FWIW): we have Customer with similar number c7k here, same VC cards, and some BL860 & 870s in the mix as well.

There is an annual DC power shutdown (something to do with Insurance, or Building regulations or something to carry out some testing).


The process is:

-          Shut apps

-          Shut servers/blades

-          Power off chassis ‘as a whole’ – we do not power off the VC cards individually

-          Shut disc arrays (EVA/XP)

-          Shut down tape libs / VTL’s

And the reverse on power restore, with suitable delays to allow ‘slow’ startup for directors, VTL, ESL, XP….

LAN and SAN switches ‘just take the hit’ – we don’t do anything other than wait the 10 mins or so on power-on for them to all stablise post-boot.


Not caused us an issue yet in several years of doing this.

NO VCEM – all the chassis are VC-domain ‘independent’.




Other suggestions?