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power on order of blades in C7000?


power on order of blades in C7000?

If AC power is removed completely from a populated C7000 enclosure, then reapplied, what is the power-on order for the blades? Is it numerical, so that bays 1-8 power up, then 9-16? Or does it go left to right, so that bay 1 is followed by bay 9, then 2, then 10, et cetera? Or something else entirely?

Assume that there is a sufficient number of power supplies, and that AC is supplied to all of them at once.
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Re: power on order of blades in C7000?

Hi Accu,

The blades should all power on concurrently. You can configure this however if your OA firmware is up-to-date.

From the Device Power Sequence page, create a power on delay for each bay that fits your needs.

Good luck!