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Power readings on HP blades

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Power readings on HP blades

Madhu was looking for help on getting blades power reading:




Can you guys get me in contact with the engineering team on HP to give us some suggestions on how we can go about getting detailed power readings per blade?




Mark replied:

Insight Control power management can do this.


If your customer wants to reinvent that wheel, they can use the iLO RIBCL interface and the GET_POWER_READINGS command.



David also replied:

But don't forget to remind them that power consumption for the enclosure is greater than the sum of the blades, and that depending on what they're actually trying to conclude with their measurements might require some kind of amortization of the power consumed by fans, OA and interconnects, and there also might be some variability in the numbers depending on the work being performed by this blade or others (i.e. fans slow vs. fans high)


And entire enclosure power is ALSO available via ICpm.

As is entire PDU/Rack/Row/RPP/Datacenter power.

So why would a customer not use that?




How are you getting power readings? Let us what you think is best.