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Problem with HP BL680c G7 and ESXi 5

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Problem with HP BL680c G7 and ESXi 5



We have following configuration :


- Blade enclousure HP BLc7000

HP BLc VC Flex-10 Enet Module Optx 2
HP BLc 10Gb SR SFP+ Optx 8

- BL680c G7 x 4

HP BL680c G7 W CTO Bladex 1
HP BL680c E7-4830 G7 2P FIO Kit x 1
HP BL680c E7-4830 G7 CPU Kit x 2
HP 8GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 Kit x 10
HP 146GB 6G SAS 15K 2.5in DP ENT HDD x 2
HP 1G Flash Backed Cache x 1

-HP P2000 G3  x2



- After installation VMware ESXi 5.0 we have following error on everyone BL680c G7 server : 


We have 4 BL680c.

We nstalled ESXi 5.0 on HP BL680c G7. But one of device bay there wasn't problems .. And suddenly rebooting after next error

2012-07-23T01:51:44.047Z cpu23:8215) ALERT: Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 0 didn't have a heartbeat for 8 seconds. *may* be locked up
2012-07-23T01:51:44.047Z cpu23:8215) ALERT:NMI: 1943: NMI IPI received. Was eip(base):ebp:cs [0x4c04dd(0x418022c0000:0x41221954):]


Also error purple screen.


Happen errored device bay:

# ethtool –I vmnic0


Driver: be2net

Version: 4.0.355.1

Firmware-version: 4.0.493.0

Bus-info: 0000:04:00.0


Do you know where could be a problem ?



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Re: Problem with HP BL680c G7 and ESXi 5

Hello, this is quite know problem. Read here:



Generally, problem is in NIC firmware, please update whole server and especially NIC with latest firmwares (

4.0.493.0 is old one, current is 4.1.402.8)

I think it will start to work imidiatelly.

My other recomendation - check any driver update for your server and ESXi5 and update it. (current is 4.1.334.0).

Of course update whole ESXi with vmware patches.


We have G7 ESXi running well after these steps.