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Provisioning of Switches in stacked enclosures

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Provisioning of Switches in stacked enclosures

I'm configuring 8+8 full-height BL620c G7 blade servers in two stacked HP BLc7000 enclosures. For the first c7000 enclosure, I've provisioned two HP 6120G/XG Ethernet switches and two Cisco MDS 8Gb FC switches. I just need to confirm if it's okay to provision the unused ports of the ethernet and SAN switches in the first c7000 enclosure to support blade servers installed in the second adjacent c7000 enclosure. If so, do I have to use pass thru switches to implement such an arrangement?

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Re: Provisioning of Switches in stacked enclosures


You cannot connect the blades in another c-class to the internal ports of a c-class switch.

You can however connect them to the external ports.
If you want to connect blades in 2nd c-class to switches in the 1st c-class you do need to use pass through switches. If you have switches in the 2nd c-class too you would connect the switches.

Make sure that the switches you have in the 1st c-class have enough external ports (maybe sometime in the future you want to use these for connecting to other switches?).