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Putting a c7000 chassis in a3PAR rack??

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Putting a c7000 chassis in a3PAR rack??

Bob had a size question:




Does anyone have any experience racking a c7000 in a 3PAR rack? I’d like to do this for a Proof-of-Concept (POC), but don’t want to run into any issues.




Chris replied:




The c7000 QuickSpecs state “Depth: Minimum 39.4 inches (1000mm) for AC power” and the 3PAR rack is only 36” deep.




I wouldn't recommend it. Any other comments or suggestions??

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Re: Putting a c7000 chassis in a3PAR rack??

I did this with an older e200 rack. it was a bit of work since the e200 racks come configured to hold drive shelves, so i had to remove a lot of their shelving/power runs to make room, but it went in fine.


my e200 rack does not have doors, so there is no depth limit.


Re: Putting a c7000 chassis in a3PAR rack??



My company is a 3PAR Legacy Partner and we sell 3PAR storage arrays amost 4 years ago.

If the rack comes from  3PAR , you can't insert a C-class product on customer site. If only a try to demonstrate the good relationship in 3PAR array and C-class product you can.

Otherwise, for 3PAR F-class product we order F-class storage without rack and with a racmount kit for drive chassis  and we order a standard HP-rack. We have a lot of both F-class and C-class installed in the same HP rack on customer sites.