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Quad port Mezzanine NICs and mapping in C7000

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Quad port Mezzanine NICs and mapping in C7000

Hello All.
I have what I hope is a simple Blade to port mapping question. Given a generic understanding of how half and full height blades map through a C7000 enclosure (see attached diagram). I was wondering if anyone can tell me how a quad port Mez. cards will map? My scenario is that we currently have a C7000 with mostly half height cards and a pair of HP/Cisco 3020 switches. Weâ re about to roll these switches down to slots 5 & 6 after we â upgradeâ these switches to models that support 10Gb uplink (3120x-S is under consideration). Weâ re already using Mez. Slot 1 for FC cards. From what I understand, an Ethernet Mez. Card in MeZ. Slot 2 will map to Interconnects at 5 & 6, but the diagram and documentation â seemsâ limited to two ports, sort of. What happens if I put a quad port Mez. Card? Can I allocate and utilize ALL four ports to the switches in Interconnects 5 & 6? Or am I limited to only being able to provision the first two ports to switches in Interconnects 5 & 6? I donâ t want to recommend a solution like this only to have to go back to the well (again) and have to ask for more $ for another pair of switchesâ ¦
PS. Weâ re preparing for implementation of Hyper-V hence the move to add additional network portsâ ¦
The desired effect is to be able to use the primary/integrated NIC for the host OS, and to have additional NICs to use with a few guest virtual machines. It may be that a dual port Mez. NIC in slot 2 when used with switches in 5 & 6 will provide sufficient additional NICs (three). I could live with this for now.
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Re: Quad port Mezzanine NICs and mapping in C7000

The 3rd and 4th NIC on the quad port card on a half height blade in Mezz2 will map to Interconnects 7&8.

See the pretty attachment.