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Re: Query on "HP Blade c7000"

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Query on "HP Blade c7000"


1)In “HP Blade c7000” enclosure every “HP Proliant BL460c” server has two internal disks. We need to confirm whether they are configured as “RAID 1+0”

2)If internal disks are configured as “RAID 1+0” then we need to test of following scenarios for our application & OS upgrade issue:

Scenario 1:
Shutdown the server & unplug a single internal disk as backup disk. Then boot the server with the single disk. If the server booted successfully then upgrade OS &
application in the single attached disk. After successful up gradation, plug the backup internal disk into the server & sync the backup disk with the existing internal disk (where OS & application up gradation done).

Scenario 2:
If we are failed to successfully upgrade OS & Application, then we need to roll back the system from the backup internal disk that was unplug before up gradation. That is, shutdown the server. Then
boot the server with the backup disk. After successful boot, sync the internal disk (In this disk OS & Application up gradation unsuccessfully done) with backup disk.

Please confirm us whether we able to test the above scenarios. Also confirm us Can we able to install RHEL 5.4 (32 bit) in these servers?

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Re: Query on "HP Blade c7000"


1) Yes it's you can configure a RAID 1+0 and thats what it chooses by default.


Yes that works. When pluging the "backup" disc in have the OS up so that it doesn't choose the wrong disc to sync from.

Yes that works too.

Don't know about that version of RHEL are supported or not on this servers.
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Re: Query on "HP Blade c7000"

Hi, what you plan is a common scenario.

install HP-Utilities so that you can use
hpacucli to check the status of smart array.
Life is easier if distributed shell is also intalled, so you can check with one simple command your whole Environment, fe:
#dsh -a 'hpacucli "ctrl slot=0 pd all show"'
#dsh -a 'hpacucli "ctrl slot=0 ld 1 "show status"'

regards, Frank
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Re: Query on "HP Blade c7000"

Thanks. Can we able to install RHEL 5.4 (32 bit) in these servers. Its a bl460c G5 server.