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RACK accessories for C7000 + DL380 with DC power supplies

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RACK accessories for C7000 + DL380 with DC power supplies

Pritish was looking for some advice:




Hi Experts

I need to configure racks for a customer who will be hosting a mix of C7000 enclosures and DL380G6 servers with DC power supplies. From what I understand at a server level I would require DC power supplies and for the blade enclosure DC power supplies + a DC power module(AH311A), which is fine.

My doubts are on the rack accessories, the customer is willing to provide 2 DC inputs to each rack, I want to know the accessories that I need to configure within the rack. From the product bulletin this is what I have understood, please correct me if I’m wrong.


HP -48VDC Breaker Panel (one per enclosure) à Includes 6 80 amp breakers à AH355A

This will be required 1 per enclosure.


HP -48VDC 2.0m power cable for Breaker panel (for first c7000) à AH392A

6 power cables per enclosure. Can these also be used to connect the rack servers or is it another part number?


HP -48VDC 30 amp breaker kit for AH355A àFor use with -48VDC powered ProLiant and MSA2000 (includes two breakers) à AM336A

Is this the same as a smaller version of a breaker panel, or is this an add on that connects to the breaker panel to convert 2x80Amp breakers into 2x30Amp breakers?


Just want to ensure that I have configured everything required and not missed out on any components.




John replied:




Hi Pritish,


Your understanding is mostly correct.  The DL380 w/ DC power includes power cords, the same is true for the MSA2000.  The AH392A is for the c7000.


As for 30 amp breakers, you need one AH355A kit per DL380 or MSA2000, the AH355A includes two 30 amp breakers.


Hopefully the attached, will help.






Sounds like a winner!.