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RDP Boot from san with RedHat 5

Occasional Contributor

RDP Boot from san with RedHat 5


I'm having serious problems to capture a Linux RedHat image from a diskless BL460 G5 server using RDP 6.9. I hope u can help me.

Im using the following hardware and software:
BL460G5 (Bios updated to november, 2008)
Virtual Connect FC (firmware 2.02)
HBA Qlogic
The storage is one Hitach HDS
Rapid Deployment Pack 6.9
The source image is RHEL 5.3 (also tried with 5.1 and ESX 3.5 and I have the same problem)

First of all I have test the system capturing and deploying a Win2003 R2 image without problems. I have both VC and HBA configured with only one visible path to reach the LUN. Since the HBA are configured by VC, I don´t send the configure HBA jobs before the operation.

No matter what i do I always get the same message "no volume found" and an endless loop.

Anybody has any idea? I have supposed that maybe the LinuxPe image has not the right drivers but I´m not sure about it.

Thanks in advance.