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Receive side scaling on BL460c G7


Receive side scaling on BL460c G7



We try to set base CPU number and maximum number of CPUs allotted for RSS via the registry keys

*RssBaseProcNumber and *MaxRSSProcessors. It works as we expect when the *RssBaseProcNumber for different NICs is set to different value. But when the *RssBaseProcNumber  for different NICs are in the same, the cores for RSS aren't overlapped. Does any one know if the cpu cores for different NICs RSS can be overlapped. If it can, how to config them? Thanks.


We also tried to update the NIC driver to the latest version, but RSS only can be enabled on one NIC after update.


By the way, my system details is as follows:

OS: Windows 2008 R2 standard

NIC Driver version: 2.102.517.0



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Re: Receive side scaling on BL460c G7

At the risk of sounding like a HP Supporter: The latest drivers for the Emulex Adapter is 4.1.370.0. I would try and upgrade as 2.102.* is old.

Remember to upgrade the firmware first. I can recommend using the latest SPP to upgrade both.


We've seen severe errors occur, if you run a new driver on an old firmware on these adapters. So do youself a favour and make sure to match the driver with the right fw.




Re: Receive side scaling on BL460c G7

Thanks for your answer.


I tried upgrade both firmware and driver to the latest version.  Unfortunately, the new driver and firmware gave us another issue.  With the old driver and firmware, at least, we saw RSS load crosses the cores as we specified although RSS load were in-balance between different cores some times. But under new firmware and driver, the RSS only runs one core regardless how we config it. 


Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.