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Re: Remote IP Communication on

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Remote IP Communication on

Dear All,

We have the HP Rapid Deployment Pack & Virtual connect manager installed on the managements along with HP SIM & Remote Suport Advanced apps.Which is our EVA Command View storage configuration/application sever as well.

We have noticed a communication from the management server to the remote public IP on UDP ports 9000,13410,8224.

Can someone through light and let me know in case it's used by any HP application components.

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Re: Remote IP Communication on is part of the reserved Multicast IP range

So I would not expect this to be extending outside of your network. As you mention RDP is installed I'd expect that it is probably something to do with the Altiris components of RDP.
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Re: Remote IP Communication on

This looks quite similar but I do not see how replacing a patch cable can stop this kind of specific multicasting.. But maybe 5) in the advisory above would work for you.

The is a "class D" or reserved for multicasting.

Is this used by SNMP maybe?

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Re: Remote IP Communication on

Login to https://<machine_name or IP address>:2374/Configuration

<machine_name or IP address -> CV EVA server’s IP address

Enter the login credentials and you will login into the configuration interface of the Management Integration Framework interface

On the "configuration" tab check the "discovery" section and check the IP used for Discovery URI:


Discovery URI

This discovery setting establishes the mechanism, IP address, and port by which Management

Integration Framework software discovery components detect each other and share information.

• The default settings are: multicast, IP, and port 9000.


For Reference: HP Management Integration Framework Administrator Guide