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rescan FC bus on BL460 G7 on flex fabric ??

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rescan FC bus on BL460 G7 on flex fabric ??

We have several BL460 G7 blades running SLES11SP1 Linux. They attach to our FC SAN fabric thru the flex fabric/FCOE mapping. These have the NC553i CNA. We've tried this to either EMC CX3-80 or VNX arrays.


There doesn't seem to be any usable way to get the CNA to re-scan the FC bus to pick up a newly added LUN.  A reboot will work but we can't live like that.  None of the methods that worked on our standalone DL boxes (with SLES9) work in this case. The will not discover the new LUNs.  We've tried with both mpio and powerpath for multipathing.  Neither one of these will work until the OS/driver sees the new device.


What are other people  on a current Linux using to rescan for new FC LUNs ??



Don M.