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Re: sb40c storage blade

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sb40c storage blade

i want to install sb40c storage blade in to c7000 enclosure. In this i came to know that i need a coupler plate to install sb40c in c7000.. what is mean by coupler ??? is it coming with c7000 ??? is it the one we use to remove in between to install the full height blades ???

any one can explain me ??
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Re: sb40c storage blade

Hi Edward,

The coupler plate is needed only if the storage blade will be used alongside a full-height blade. It allows you to insert another half-height blade above it in your enclosure.

The coupler plate is a flat metal strip that attaches to one edge of the sb40c. You can find an illustration and instructions here:

Page 3, step 4.

The coupler plate comes with any sb40c order. It is not an additional component you need to purchase.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Re: sb40c storage blade

i am not able to find the part number to order this?? could you pls tell me the part number for coupler plate ???

so it is only used to connect the another half height blade along with sb40c ... is it correct ??
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Re: sb40c storage blade

Yes Edward, that is correct.

The c7000 enclosure is broken up into four sections, each holding four blades. If one of these sections will hold a full height blade + a half height blade + a storage blade (sb40c), then you need to use a couple to attach the half-height blade and sb40c together.

The couple comes with the sb40c and you do not need to purchase one separately. The coupler plate also should ship with any full-height blade server. Here is a good example of what one looks like:

Page 22

good luck