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Script to retrieve power supply info ?

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Script to retrieve power supply info ?

Robert had a customer looking for info:




I’m trying to assist a customer who is looking for a script to query either SIM or their OA’s to get the p/n’s & Serial #’s of their power supplies.

I assume this should be easy to do, but don’t know if anyone has a script template or perhaps one that already does this.




Scot provided some good input:




They can get this from the OA CLI with the command "show enclosure powersupply all".  This will give them the part number, spare part number, and serial numbers.  This can be automated with PLink or something similar.  Here is some sample output:




Power Supply #1 Information:

Status: OK

AC Input Status: OK

Capacity: 2400 Watts

Current Power Output: 432 Watts

Serial Number: 5AGUD0AHLYK64H <------------------- Product Name: HP 2400W HE PSU Part Number: 499253-B21 <------------------------- Spare Part Number: 500242-001<-------------------- Product Ver: 01 Diagnostic Status:

Internal Data        OK

Device Failure       OK

Power Cord           OK




Any other comments or help?