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Shared Interrupts on Nics and Storage for 480C Blade

New Member

Shared Interrupts on Nics and Storage for 480C Blade


I am having an issue with a number of 480C class blades running Vmware's 3.01 OS. I notice that the onboard nics as well as the storage appear to use the same interrupts. For example Nic1 and Nic3 will share Int 7. When I try to change it in the Bios PCI section it changes it for both so they are all using the same INT.
The reason I bring this up is that I think this causes an issue where I have a host that disconnects from Vm's Virtual Center and I can not SSH to the server either. I have to use ilo to get to the console. When I get to the console I enter the root user ID and press enter and the server hangs. It never prompts me for a password. I can ping the server but I can not get to it to either kill the hanging process or restart a failed one.
My only alternative is to restart the host by resetting it in ilo.
Is there anyway to separate the Interrupts and keep them from sharing one?
Any help would be appreciated!

Rod Truslow