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Solaris Driver for bl460c NIC

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Solaris Driver for bl460c NIC


We have installed nexenta (solaris 5.11 x86 | x86_64) on a bl46c blade.

We have Problems with the addition NICs in this server.

I installed the driver from
but I am not able to use the network connection.

I get 2 interfaces (bcme0 an bcme1) and can assign an IP-Address to them. The problem is that I cannot use the network connection.

Sniffing the traffic with tcpdump (local and remote) I see that the server is not able to resolve the MAC address or send working packets)
I see things like "Null Information" in the log.

The two onboard NICs work (I only cannot modify the mtu to enable jumbo frames) but these are other chipsets and are shown as bnx0 and bnx1.

I previously had installed linux (fedora core 8) on the same blade and could use all 4 NICs so I don't think it's a hardware issue.

Any hint is appiciated

Sebastian Ries
Honored Contributor

Re: Solaris Driver for bl460c NIC

Hi Sebastian,

You can try it by installing latest System ROM if you don't have.
Try to reinstall the network driver again.
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Re: Solaris Driver for bl460c NIC

Hi Raghuarch,

we did the ROM-Update - but the
some problem still occurs ...

Danny (colleague from Sebastian)