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some questions about blade servers before buying

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some questions about blade servers before buying


I want to buy a full BL460c quad-core blade servers in a c3000 Enclosure but i have some questions to ask...

1-Is this kind of servers are good for 3d rendering? others?

2-As i see from the customize i can only select windows server 2003 as an OS for the blade ! can i install win xp pro insted?
or even vista!?
I will use this server as a render farm
for 3dsmax 9 32bit and my host workstaion
has windows xp pro i cant use any other os
becuse i use adobe products too and thy only work in win xp pro invironment.

iam afrid that if i buy those ill be in truble having conflict problems with host and slaves and in the end wasting my money!

3-Can this server manage to survive at a normal-average air conditioning in a normal office rooms? or it will need special cooling systems?

Any other help, info will be grateful

thanks alot

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Re: some questions about blade servers before buying

So you want to use the BladeSystem as the rendering farm for your host workstation.

1. 3D rendering depends on the software you
use. The more powerful the hardware, better it is for the software. If the application can render 3D, yes the c3000 with BL460c can. A fully populated c3000 enclosure can make a very powerful server solution (depends on where you want to use it).

2. Yes, most servers are used to install enterprise / server operating systems & not workstation / desktop operating system. You may be able to install Windows XP, but you would be wasting quad core processors. Only server operating systems have support for more than 4 processors & huge amount of RAM. Furthermore, you may not be able to get all required drivers for Windows XP.

3. The cooling system for the c3000 enclosure is quite advanced, and designed to be used in smaller environments with less optimal air conditioning.

If you definitely need Windows XP or Vista for your software, I would recommend that you chose from some high-end desktop / workstation systems instead of servers.
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Re: some questions about blade servers before buying