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SRG - Signal Grounding System for C7000?

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SRG - Signal Grounding System for C7000?

Scott was looking for some info:




I am on the very end of a long fight with a competitor and we're about to wrap this up in our favor.  We have pulled a partner out of the weeds on this and are on the home stretch.  Our customer has a new computer room and now they are asking about the requirement for an SRG (signal grounding system) as described at the top of page 37.  Apparently they don't have one, and according to the partner is a deal killer if required.  I don't know if this has come from our competition, but given that they have tried to claim that east is west, up is down, and that dogs and cats are officially at peace now, anything is possible.  The partner's SA did the site survey, so I am unaware of what they have under the floor.


Here is the link




Some info for Scott from Monty:




the above link is a slidedeck from a consulting company describing methods to provide a good ground in a datacenter.  They document IEEE, ANSI and world standards on grounding, plus quotes from several different computer companies best practice datacenter grounding guides.


The HP installation guide just recommends a properly installed SRG – I assume there new datacenter design includes a signal grounding design for the racks.




Any other good reference info for Scott or what have you done in your datacenters?