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Support question for different c7000 enclosures.

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Support question for different c7000 enclosures.

Stan had a c7000 question for supported servers and other modules:




Will the old non-ROHS c7000 (412152-B21) and the original Onboard Administrator (OA) (412142-B21) support a Gen8 blade?  For that matter, how long will the old c7000 be supported?


I guess the real question is, can I load the 3.55 firmware in the old OA module and can the customer expect the old OA to be supported as long as the newer OA?




Reply from Jeroen:




Yes this is all supported! Keep in mind that some features like EFM require a new OA module (DDR2) to be installed but that again is not really a part of Gen8 but a ‘add-on’ feature to the OA itself.

If you see anything missing  in this document then don’t hesitate to let me know so I get it added:




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