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Supporting of new generations of blade servers in old and very old c7000 enclosures

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Supporting of new generations of blade servers in old and very old c7000 enclosures

Josef had a c7000 enclosure compatibility question:





Do we know, if we will support new generations of BL servers in the old versions of c7000 (even the initial one) ?


412152-B21         HP BLc7000 CTO Enclosure

412152-B22         HP BLc7000 CTO 3 IN LCD Encl

507019-B21         HP BLc7000 CTO 3 IN LCD ROHS Encl


In the other words, are there any known limitations, that will prevent the usage of new servers in old enclosures Our big customer (Orange) has many old enclosures with lots of free positions – and they do not want to buy new enclosures for every new project.

But there are some concerns about EOSL / support for new technologies and new models of blade servers.


I know about these limitations today :


1.       No support for 16Gb FC (only platinum c7000)


2.       No support for FDR IB (only platinum c7000)


3.       Old OA will not support current and future FW editions – there is solution, just buy new OA :)


4.       Mixing of old and new PS is not supported


5.       Mixing of FAN is probably also not supported


6.       3G / 6G SAS switches compatibility issue – but this is not the problem, Orange is not using SAS switches


7.       EOSL concern


Any other things I did not mention?




Reply from Dan B.:




The original OA will still work with new firmware, but not all features will work (like KVM). But I would recommend the customer buy a new OA. We still test with older enclosure models with new firmware.  Also mixing of power supply and fan models are not supported on any enclosure models.




And from Dan R.:




I have a G7 in an enclosure HP sold in Sept 2006 :-)


Short version is it will work.  The main limitation is on certain Interconnects won't work in older enclosures.  But the basic blade with 10Gb networking is good even in very old enclosures.


As the other Dan pointed out, the newer OA supports some features the older one does not due to its faster processor and memory.



What I have recommended in the past to customers is If you are buying new interconnects and a handful of new blades, just buy a new enclosure along with it because the cost will be a minimal increase, you get the newer OA, more efficient power supplies (will pay for themselves over time) and support for the latest features and interconnects.


If you are just adding blades and don't need any new features or interconnects, then go ahead and reuse existing enclosures OR Consolidate their old blades into a smaller number of enclosures giving themselves room for the new enclosures when they need them.




Other comments?