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Teaming or bonding on the virtual connect Flex10 Inet module connected with c7000

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Teaming or bonding on the virtual connect Flex10 Inet module connected with c7000

Hello Expert,


I have a c7000 blade enclosure with 4 bl860c running with HP-UX 11v3. The blade enclosure is connected with 2 "HPVC Flex 10 Enet Module" and both Flex 10 card is having 1 fc port connectivity and one port is free.


Now my Blade administrator is planning to do teaming or bonding on teh virtual connect.


My concerned is after doing this change in configuration what will be the impact on HP-UX 11iV3 OS and do I need to reconfigure the IP. How does the O/P of lanscan will be looking.

Currently lanscan o/p as:



Hardware Station        Crd Hdw   Net-Interface  NM  MAC       HP-DLPI DLPI

Path     Address        In# State NamePPA        ID  Type      Support Mjr#

0/2/2/0  0x78E7D17310C2 2   UP    lan2 snap2     1   ETHER     Yes     119

0/1/1/0  0x78E7D17310C0 0   UP    lan0 snap0     2   ETHER     Yes     119

0/1/1/1  0x78E7D17310C1 1   UP    lan1 snap1     3   ETHER     Yes     119

0/2/2/1  0x78E7D17310C3 3   UP    lan3 snap3     4   ETHER     Yes     119

LinkAgg0 0x000000000000 900 DOWN  lan900 snap900 6   ETHER     Yes     119

LinkAgg1 0x000000000000 901 DOWN  lan901 snap901 7   ETHER     Yes     119

LinkAgg2 0x000000000000 902 DOWN  lan902 snap902 8   ETHER     Yes     119

LinkAgg3 0x000000000000 903 DOWN  lan903 snap903 9   ETHER     Yes     119

LinkAgg4 0x000000000000 904 DOWN  lan904 snap904 10  ETHER     Yes     119


bnhrac01@root/#netstat -nr

Routing tables

Destination           Gateway            Flags Refs Interface  Pmtu             UH    0    lo0       32808             UH    0    lan0      32808             UH    0    lan0:801  32808         UH    0    lan3      32808         U     2    lan3       1500              U     3    lan0       1500              U     3    lan0:801   1500             U     0    lo0       32808

default                UG    0    lan0       1500


Please help what will be the situation after doing the configurations change on Virtual connect on hp-ux OS as it is production enviornment.