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Trying to find End of Life information...

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Trying to find End of Life information...

I recently inherited responsibility for some aging C7000 enclosures, BL480C G1 blades and an EVA600. Trying to prepare a budget to start replacing some of this old equipment. Looking for documentation on "End of Life" for these products to include in my business case. Been searching and haven't found anything useful. Any recommendations?

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Re: Trying to find End of Life information...

This works for many HP products....


Go to the following site:


Find your product and open either the HTML or PDF format.  Look at the bottom and if you see something like:


Retired on July 31, 2009


Then that is the "End of Life" date.   End of Service Life tends to be 5 years following that date, but this is not a hardfast rule.



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