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Turn on the Insight Display


Turn on the Insight Display

We just installed 7 C7000 enclosures and 6 of the 7 have the Insight display LCD flashing which I would expect to see.  One however is not on at all.  When I connect to the OA console and ran the SHOW ENCLOSURE LCD command it retured:



Status : OK
Display : Off
Name : BladeSystem c7000 Insight Display
Spare Part# : 441203-001
Manufacturer: HP
Fw Version : 2.6.3

Diagnostic Status:
Internal Data OK


I haven't been able to find a command to set the display to Blinking or On anywhere and don't see an option in the OA GUI for soemthing like this.


Does anyone know how to set this to Blinking?

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Re: Turn on the Insight Display

In the c7000 enclosure, the flashing LCD indicates one of two things:

  • the OA has an error message or an important message that has not been fixed/acknowledged, or
  • the enclosure Unit ID has been enabled.

Essentially, when the LCD is in screen-saver mode, the blinking indicates the OA requires your attention for one reason or another.


The screen won't blink when someone is using the LCD buttons locally (that would be rather irritating), but the background of the normal LCD displays will reflect the OA state: the background will be blue if UID is enabled, green if the enclosure state is OK, and yellow or red if there is a message that requires attention.


When you run "set enclosure UID on" on the OA console, the LCD will do the job of the usual blue LED, and will start blinking when idle and will have a blue background when activated. You can verify the UID state by running "show enclosure status": pay attention to the "Unit Identification LED" line.


If the display does not wake up when you press any of the buttons on the LCD, either the OA has a fault or the enclosure is not receiving power.

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Re: Turn on the Insight Display

In addition to the LCD turning Blue in the front when you toggle the Enclosure UID ON, there is a Blue light between the 2 OA modules in the rear that will also get lit.

Past that I agree with MK. Flashing = something needs attention. Off = Everything is happy and the LCD is Idle.