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Re: Unable to access Virtual connect


Unable to access Virtual connect

Our Virtual connect switch was messed up (I know that is not speciffic, but I dont know what the problem was. All the bladed showed as NOT LINKED and could not get on the network. I think it was corrupt profiles, but am not sure.) To fix this, we deleted the VC Domain with the intent of returning it to factory default and then reconfiguring.
After doing that I cannot log into the Virtual Connect. It will not take the password we had set up 3 years ago when we installed the enclosure, because it is back to factory default. We no longer have the little sticker that came with the VC Switch. Any suggestions as to how to access the VC Switch?
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Re: Unable to access Virtual connect

Hi Chris,
If you pull the modules out of the enclosure, the default password (that goes with User "Administrator"), is printed on the label.

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Re: Unable to access Virtual connect

Try to use maintenance switch 1 of vc-enet module (locate the switch on the bottom side of module after you remove it from chassis). If the switch is set to ON, password is restored to factory default every time the module power-ups and is displayed on vc-enet console.