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Update BIOS and ILO on a BL460G6

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Update BIOS and ILO on a BL460G6


I would like to update at least the Bios and the Ilo microcode on a BL460c G6 which is going to tun vmware esx 3.5 .
Is there a CD than i can download to boot on it and upgrade both.
Or do I have to download bios and firmware separetly.

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Re: Update BIOS and ILO on a BL460G6

Hi Thomas.

My experience says that, although the firmware maintenance cd works, in some cases and apparently in the same circunstances, it fails.

I upgraded some BL460c G1 booting from the cd and relying on the Smart Update Manager the firmware update, and most of them upgraded well but others, after upgrading the ILo2 with success, could't boot again.

HP told me that, althout HP considers the CD as a method to upgrade the firmware, they prefer to do it separetly and in a determined order. In fact, in my case, they recommended, both in the BIOS and ILO upgrades, a sequence of intermediate versions that the CD didn't even consider and that has shown that it works ok.

And effectively, upgrading in that way a lot of more blades, I had no more problems (only those expected and relationed to advisories C01668472 and C01519680 that are reported and well solved).

In general, the order is, for each blade:

1) BIOS upgrades.
2) ILO2 upgrades.

For 1) and 2) you download the executable for the o.s. you have, but after upgrading you have to reboot in 1).

3) Rest of components (network card, HBAs, SmartArray, etc). In this case I used the corresponding CD firmware maintenance.

When all the blades are upgraded, then you can upgrade the onboard administration firmware to the compatible version.

You have to take into account the minimum firmware versions supported by the onboard administration firmware, and if you have blades with different firmware versions and/or old versions (as it was my case), perhaps you have to do the process in two steps. So, be careful when planning (I recommend to talk to HP technicians) because it's the key factor to success.

Good luck.



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Re: Update BIOS and ILO on a BL460G6

Actually the recommended order is iLO before BIOS.
The iLO can be upgraded by accessing the iLO interface and loading the .bin file.
The BIOS can be upgraded using a Linux version of the BIOS upgrade within Vmware.