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Updating Enclosure

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Updating Enclosure

Hi All

Couple of years ago we brought a C3000 Enclosure with BL460 C Blades, having an awfull lot of trouble trying to log into the blades from the Admin Console and i think i may need to update everything in the enclosure.

I remember that you used to be able to download a cd with all the latest firmware etc on it but i cannot seem to find it.

Could anybody please direct me to this.


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Re: Updating Enclosure

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Re: Updating Enclosure

Hi John,

A couple of years ago? You may have very old firmware, and updating it could be "interesting".

If you want more specific advice, you should post more information:
-- current ILO & BIOS on each blade (and type)
-- OnBoard Admin version
-- for each interconnect device:
what it is; and what firmware it has now
-- assuming you have a SAN and fabrics, information on:
fabric switches (what they are, what version)
Command View EVA or similar
HSV version (if an EVA) or other SAN firmware

Then, you can view the various best practices papers on firmware mangement. If you are running virtual connect, there are other issues as well.
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