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Upgrade Firmware of HP Brocade SAN Switch (AJ820A)

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Upgrade Firmware of HP Brocade SAN Switch (AJ820A)

Hi all. We have two HP Brocade SAN Switch AJ820A. Current Firmware v6.2.0d. Need to do the firmware upgrade and have some questions:


- In the web page, there are v6.x and v7.x firmware. What is the right version for me? I couldn´t find any information about the difference between thoose two firmaware files.

- Will the upgrade take my servers out off service or out off communication whit the EVA? 

- What are the best practice of commit command? Should i wait some time to do the commit and leave the Switches running the new firmware for a while?


Hope for some help here.




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Re: Upgrade Firmware of HP Brocade SAN Switch (AJ820A)

I think that this release note can help you : Brocade Fabric OS v7.2.0d Release Notes

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