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Re: upgrade onboard administrator enclosure c3000

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upgrade onboard administrator enclosure c3000

Hi all,


i have upgrade the firmware the  OA HP Blade C3000 and i dont know what steps follow... is necesary reboot OA and the servers? i have upgrade OA first? then the others components? Is it possible to update the firmware without any downtime? 


Thanks in advance!


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Re: upgrade onboard administrator enclosure c3000



The "correct" order of updating a firmware of the C3000/C7000 enclosures is:


1. OA

2. IO Modules (Virtual Connect, Switches etc)

3. Blade Server firmware


The OA will update without any downtime to the servers. You simply upload the firmware, the OA reboots and you loose the management for about 30-60 seconds.


Updating the IO modules can give you some downtime, depends on how your servers are configured, what IO modules you have etc.


Updating the server firmware will involve downtime while you reboot them (and most likely followed up by a second reboot for drivers upgrades!)




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Re: upgrade onboard administrator enclosure c3000



HP BladeSystem ProLiant Firmware Management Best Practices


chapter "Generic BladeSystem firmware update installation order":


1. Update the blades and the OA by using the HP BladeSystem Online Firmware Bundles for Windows and Linux . Be sure to use a workstation connected to the same network as the OA.


2. Update any offline-only firmware with the HP BladeSystem FDT or HP Firmware Maintenance CD tool.


3. Update the VC firmware with the VCSU from a workstation that is connected to the same network(s) as the OA and VC Ethernet modules. Be sure to update the firmware after all other updates are applied, after servers are rebooted, and after all firmware is activated.

Hope this helps!

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