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Upgrade Virtual connect on blade?!

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Upgrade Virtual connect on blade?!


We are having a NIC problem on our BL490s, and Citrix is telling us to upgrade the Virtual Connect firmware on our BLADES to 2.1 or newer.
I thought Virtual connect firmware only existed in the SWITCH? We have upgraded that to 2.30.
I cannot find anything on the BL490 driver page to suggest that there is anything related to virtual connect in the blade itself?

Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance!

/Magnus, Sweden
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Re: Upgrade Virtual connect on blade?!

As you say, there's the VC itself.
And then you have got the NIC's on the servers.

I believe there's new FW for the NIC's, that isn't on the 8.6 FW CD or the latest blade upgrade tool.

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