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Upgrading c7000 from 2400W to 2650W power supplies

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Upgrading c7000 from 2400W to 2650W power supplies

Larry has a customer looking to upgrade power supplies:




I have a customer who wants to upgrade the power supplies in their c7000 enclosures from 2400w to 2650w supplies.  They do not want to take an outage to do this.


I did find a CA (Customer Advisory) that details an “at your own risk” process for upgrading power supplies without an outage, but it is a little dated covering the upgrade from the 2250w to 2400w supplies:


So it looks like they can upgrade on the fly.  But wanted to check to see if someone had done this going from 2400w to 2650w, and if so did it work.




Reply from Sam:






I have done this successfully without issue.




Other help for Larry?



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Re: Upgrading c7000 from 2400W to 2650W power supplies

Good info from Steve:




The customer notice* from 2010 is a bit old, but still accurate with an edit.  It’s accurate except for the power supply option SKU/spares SKU table towards the top.  I’ve provided an updated table below:




  1. Service spares can be ordered through the HP Parts Store at
  2. At 50% of rated load. Platinum and Gold power supplies efficiencies are per 80Plus certification, see  The 2250W power supply efficiencies are per HP internal testing.
  3. This option kit SKU is listed for reference, but it has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please use the spare part number for ordering.


* This customer notice can be found on at