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upgrading firmware on p class rack

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upgrading firmware on p class rack

I will be upgrading the firmware on a P blade rack to the latest 2.40.

The power topology on the existing rack is not working because there is one power zone, but
-1 enclosure is connected to bus bars with 1 power enclosure.
-3 enclosures are connected to separate bus bars with another power enclosure.
-the enclosures think all blade enclosures are in the same power zone.

I will upgrade all to fimware 2.40. This should ensure that 2 power zones are correctly set.

Firmware upgrades to do will be
4 enclosure management modules on firmware V2.20
2 power enclosures on firmware 2.10.

I am aware that the management modules can be hot swapped and will not interrupt service, should the firmware upgrades fail.

What about the power enclosures. Is there any information on what to do in the case of upgrade failure? Can upgrade failure interrupt service?

10 points for any helpful answer.
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Re: upgrading firmware on p class rack

Hello Ross,
I have yesterday done a succesfull upgrade of 2 x Blade enclosures and 2 x Power enclosures.

2.33 -> 2.40

I've found a Document that dicribes what to do in case of failure.
HP Customer communication
Document ID: c01198445.

I hope this information is usefull for you.

Kind Regards,