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UPS for a c7000 enclosure

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UPS for a c7000 enclosure

This is my first experience with a blade system, and a ups for it, so you'll have to bear with my novice questions.

I am trying to figure out what type of UPS system we need for a c7000 enclosure. I have been able to calculate the watts I need, but what is throwing me for a loop is that the c7000 has 2 three phase L15-30 pigtails and I can't find a UPS that offers that. I just want to be able to keep it up for 10-15 minutes, so I don't want anything huge.

I've read a little about PDU's but not sure if that will solve my problem or not.

Currently the enclosure has 8 x Bl460C blades.

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction.

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Re: UPS for a c7000 enclosure

There is some three phase UPS available on the market, what else you can explore for yourself is single phase power backplane, than you should be able to use regular single phase UPS, however once you throw more servers demand on power grows equally.