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USB key not accessible after OA 2.60 is upgraded to 3.00 unless removed and reinserted

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USB key not accessible after OA 2.60 is upgraded to 3.00 unless removed and reinserted

Lawrence had an issue when upgrading the Onboard Administrator:



My customer is using a USB memory key to hold the ISO image of FDT ver 1.70 which is used to update the firmware on the c class blade servers within a C7000 enclosure.  The plan is to mount the ISO image via the OA’s virtual media on all the servers and then power them on.  The servers will boot off the ISO image and begin the update process automatically.


My customer wishes to upgrade the OA from 2.60 to version 3.00 first before using the USB key to upgrade the servers.


Trouble is, after the OA firmware is updated from 2.60 to 3.00, the USB key is no longer accessible or recognised even though it is still physically plugged into the OA’s slot.


To get OA 3.00 to recognise the USB key, it must be removed and reinserted.  Prior to the upgrade, OA 2.60 could “see” the USB key.


Has anyone else come across this behaviour with the OA where after an upgrade, the USB key needs to be disconnected and reinserted before it is recognised?  My customer’s challenge is that the enclosures are in a remote datacenter, so it’s complicated to have someone onsite just to pull out and reinsert a USB key...



Eirik replied:



I would at least never see such an issue.


My standard approach is using the FDT first to upgrade the blades (due to bad experiences with old iLO meets new OA firmware) then do the OA.

And I hardly ever use the OA-USB for OA-upgrades since it’s a oneshot, not like the FDT which might require to do the blades sequenzially.


I’m not sure about the best practice here either, but I suspect I read somewhere that my approach is best practice (which would be why I use it I guess )


The interesting thing would be to see the boot-sequence of the OA (I don’t know if that is possible) with the 3.00 firmware booting.


Does the USB work if you leave it in and restart the OA ?



Lawrence responded:



My customer wishes to upgrade the blades last because if they upgrade the blades first, after the FDT 1.70 has finished, it disconnects the Virtual USB media and the servers boot into their OSes.  This means that the servers are trying to reconnect to their LAN and SAN paths.  But the VC modules are not yet upgraded, still on version 1.34, and the OA is on 2.60.


What they would like to do is to turn off all the servers, upgrade the OA, then the VC modules (whilst all the servers are off) and when the interconnects are all good, only then power up the servers to boot the FDT 1.70 image off that USB key.


Then the servers will have all their  firmware upgraded, and when the servers do a reboot at the end of that process, the OSes will boot up and the servers will reconnect to the LAN/SAN environment.  Job is finished then.


Your question - Does the USB work if you leave it in and restart the OA? – I have not tested this but how do I restart the OA remotely?



Eirik answered:



Onboard administrator virtual power, accessible from both telnet and the GUI ::smileyhappy:


On the keeping servers offline, I do this a lot at customer sites, we just turn off the servers before they boot (if they did not upgrade the disk-firmware) or after the SA-controller has finished upgrading the diskfirmware (if they upgrade the disk firmware).

This can be tedious in a big environment, but I prefer doing 2-3 servers at a time and keep an eye on the console so I know when something goes wrong (which it always does, curse you Murphy!).



Good updating! Let us know if this works for you!