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VC-FC / Emulex HBA - VC WWN applies to one port only

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VC-FC / Emulex HBA - VC WWN applies to one port only

One of my customers has a deployment of 1xc7000 containing 3xBL680, 5xBL480, 4xVC-ENET and 4xVC-FC.

We have applied firmwares 2.21 (OWA) and 1.30 (VC) and all the latest firmwares to server blades and HBAs (all Emulex LPe1105).

When applying server profiles VCM shows the HP WWNs applied to all HBA ports as expected. However when looking in the Emulex setup menu, HBAnywhere or on the SAN switches it appears that the first port of each HBA is getting the HP WWPN and the second is retaining the burned-in WWPN.

This is happening for all blades including blades with one and two HBA mezz cards installed. For the blades with two HBA's this behaviour is consistent across both so the first ports (those connected to bays 5 and 7) show the correct WWN but the second ports of each HBA (connected to bays 6 and 8) show the factory WWNs.

All hardware concerned is running the latest firmware, the HBAs are 2.72A2 with BIOS 6.00a5