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VC Flex-10 and 10GB Pass-Thru

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VC Flex-10 and 10GB Pass-Thru


using Virtual Connect Flex-10 and 10GB Pass-thru modules with BL460G6+10GB NetFlex-10 Mezzanine. Is that supported?

What we have:
2 VC Flex-10 modules in Bay 1+2,
2 10GB Pass-thru modules in Bay 5+6

What we want to do:
Configuring two networks with a shared uplink set for ESX SC and ESX VM traffic, and using the two ports from the MEZ2 card for iSCSI Storage connection.

What we got so far:
Frontend works fine, apparantly, but the server doesn't recognize the NICs from MEZ2 cards, just the 8 logical NICS from the LOM ports.
We had to add two dummy networks to the profile, otherwise network 3+4 will be mapped to the Mez2 Ports instead to the LOM (ITRC thread #1367443)

Any ideas, anyone?

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Re: VC Flex-10 and 10GB Pass-Thru

yes, you definitely have to add the dummy network connections to map to the Mezz card so you can get to LOM1:b and and LOM2:b.

Make sure you are running VC firmware 3.01 or later as there was a problem running with this type of configuration that was resolved in that version.
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Re: VC Flex-10 and 10GB Pass-Thru

Right on the money!

Thats what I was looking for.
Thanks and full points.

But beware, you can't update via VC Manager, you have to use the VC Configuration Tool.