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VC/Red Hat Nic Teaming

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VC/Red Hat Nic Teaming

Hi All –

I am having a hard time determining what my configuration should to have redundant network paths. I have a c7000 enclosure with several BL 460c Red Hat Servers and I am using a Virtual Connect Module to get to the external mission network.

The first question is:

In order to have redundant paths do I have to set up nic teaming/bonding internal to Red Hat, set it the external uplink ports in a failover connection mode OR both?

The second question is:

I want 6 of my servers to communicate internally through the chassis so I don’t have to run more connections to the switch. Using the Virtual Connect Manager I assigned one of my connections with no uplink ports because I want the comms to stay internal. Then I assigned my servers using server profile to that connection. I can’t communicate between them so obviously I did something wrong. Does this work or are there more configurations to do or is it even possible to do this without getting some runs to the switch?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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