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VCEM 6.2 & SIM

Occasional Advisor

VCEM 6.2 & SIM

We just deployed 5 c7000 enclosures and installing VCEM 6.2. What is best practice for installing VCEM & SIM? Should they both reside on the same server, or should SIM be on one server and VCEM on another?

We installed VCEM on a seperate server than an existing SIM install, but when you launch VCEM (Insight Control) it already has SIM bundled into it.

Any insight is appreciated.
Trusted Contributor

Re: VCEM 6.2 & SIM

VCEM will sit on the same server as SIM quite happily. As it needs SIM to work, it will install SIM components (as you've seen) if it's not there.

Because of this relationship I see VCEM as a plug in to SIM rather than a stand alone application.