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Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain

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Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain

Hi all,

I've got the following

2 enclosures in 2 locations. Both enclosures have a VC domain for each; i.e 2 different VC Domains and point towards the same SAN Storage with different zones specified.

Enclosure A - 12 Blades - VC Domain A - SAN X
Enclosure B - 12 Blades - VC Domain B - SAN X

I will be merging both enclosures in one location.

We will be using stacking links between both enclosures.

What I want is the following:

Enclosure A - VC Domain A - SAN X
Enclosure B - VC Domain A - SAN X

Is there a way to "join" the Enclosure B to the VC Domain A with the minimum disruption?

I want all the VC connectivity to be managed by only 1 VC Domain.

Thanks for any answers.

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Re: Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain


I supposed that you have 2 domains in each Blade, doesnt it?

then, if you merge domains, you must have 4 different domains:

Enclousre A: Domains 1,2
Enclosure B; Domains 10,20

Remember you must disable dwitch when change domain, and if you have some configurations, could be new scan.

Regards, Jorge
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Re: Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain

You have different HP Pre-defined MAC / WWN ranges in use ? Other domain must be cleared and imported to base domain.
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Re: Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain

As a general rule, (at least as of right now), there is no procedure or functionality which allows the "merging" of two VC domains.

As pointed out by Jarkko, the VC domains should be using different ranges of virtual WWIDs (and possibly MAC addresses). The only way to bring all of your servers and modules into the same VC domain is to

1. Choose one domain to keep (Primary).
2. Delete the other domain.
3. Add in the stacking links to connect the deleted domain IC modules to the Primary.
4. Allow the new modules and servers (from the deleted domain) to be discovered by the Primary domain.
5. Rebuild any networks/uplink sets which were unique to the old domain.
6. Recreate the profiles from the old domain. Note: they will all have different VC WWIDs and MAC addresses, so you will probably also have work to do on your storage subsystem to represent the storage luns to the correct WWIDs.

Other than that, no big deal.


Good Luck, Dave.

Re: Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain

Hi all.

Thanks for the answers.

Jorge: sorry mate, but am kinda confused by your answer. the blades dont have any domains - the domains I was talking about refer to the Virtual Connect domain.

Jarkko: thanks the answer, the one after you elaborated upon it.

The Brit: thanks for the very detailed reply, actually I was fearing I had to go through most of the steps you mentioned again. The most 'annoying' part will be to reassign the luns to the new WWNs.

it's gonna be quite a lengthy downtime for this one it seems.
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Re: Virtual Connect 2 Domains -> 1 Domain

Hi AJ,
You should be able to save some time by creating all of your new profiles (+ networks and uplinksets) in the Primary domain ahead of time. This will give you a listing of all of the new WWID's for reassigning your storage.

Then depending on the type of storage, you might be able to script the re-presentation.

You can also