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Virtual connect 8GB/24 Port Aggregation

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Virtual connect 8GB/24 Port Aggregation


im facing an issue here, appreciate the help. having a virtual connect 8/24 can i create a port aggregation on the up link ??

is LAG supported or FC modules ?

Thanks in Advanced
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Re: Virtual connect 8GB/24 Port Aggregation

Yes, VC-FC supports some kind of port aggregation in firmware 1.31 and later. Read the following:

"The VC-FC module has either four or eight uplinks. Each uplink is completely independent of the other
uplinks and has a capability of aggregating up to 16 physical server HBA N-port links into an N-port
uplink through the use of NPIV.
In previous versions of Virtual Connect, a one-to-one relationship existed between VC-FC uplinks and
external FC SAN fabrics. Beginning with version 1.31 of Virtual Connect Manager, users can group
multiple VC-FC module uplinks logically into a Virtual Connect fabric when attached to the same Fibre
Channel SAN fabric. Using this feature, users can access more than one FC SAN fabric in their data
center, plus have a flexible and fully redundant way to connect server blades to Fibre Channel SANs.
User can connect to up to four SAN fabrics from one VC-FC module, and up to eight SAN fabrics from
one HP VC 8Gb 24-Port module."

from the doc:
HP Virtual Connect for c-Class BladeSystem
Version 3.10/3.15
User Guide