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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

We have a support call open with HP which currently isn't progressing very well so I wondered if anybody else could help whilst we wait on the reply? We have 2 Domain Groups in VCEM, one for Flex-10 Technology C7k's and the other for 1/10GB C7k's.


We recently turned on Port Monitoring for an Enclosure which was not in the above "VC Domain Group" and then turned off and removed port monitoring, ever since this happened we have not been able to add this Enclosure into the "VC Domain Group"?  This Enclosure has all the same defined networks as the Enclosures within the group, shared uplink sets and physical trunks and interconnect positions.  


When we add this Enclosure into the Group it complains there is a shared uplink set called default which does not exist in the group and this is why the Enclosure cannot be added to the Group.  However, this Default network does not exist at all?  Anybody able to help with this?  We were advised to re-seat the Virtual Connect Manager modules and perform an OA take over but none of this has made any difference?