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Virtual Connect - How to Make Virtual Network Assigned in the Same LOM 1-A and 1-B ?

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Virtual Connect - How to Make Virtual Network Assigned in the Same LOM 1-A and 1-B ?

We have C7000 blade, with two node installed. In network side, one virtual connect (VC) was installed. 

We already created some virtual network in VC Manager to integrate with network environment. Then we want assign these virtual network in Server Profile. As we know network configuration port in VC has something like this:

LOM 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D.

What we want to do is assigning these virtual network (virtual network 10, 20, 30 for example) to LOM 1-A and LOM 1-B in the same time. Then we click Apply but can not save, with this error:

These connections are configured with duplicate networks (picture was attached) 


we also try to force this configuration by checking this option:

Force the same vlan mappings as in the shared uplink set

force the same vlan mapping.jpg

But still can not save such configuration.

Is it possible to do such configuration in HPE Virtual Connect system? if it is not possible what is the best option available? Please share 

We install VMware ESXi on its node so we need to do it to support multi vlan in the system.  



Re: Virtual Connect - How to Make Virtual Network Assigned in the Same LOM 1-A and 1-B ?

There is a limitation that you can’t map the same VLAN onto two different FlexNICs from the same LOM.
The FlexNICs are subdivide as LOM 1:a, LOM 1:b, LOM 2:a, etc. And up to four FlexNICs are presented to the operating system on the blade. When you start assigning network connections in a Server Profile in Virtual Connect Manager, these network connections will bounce back and forth between the LOMs :
First network connection > LOM 1:a
Second network connection > LOM 2:a
Third network connection > LOM 1:b
Fourth network connection > LOM 2:b

Seventh network connection > LOM 1:d
Eighth network connection > LOM 2:d
This is the default behaviour.
With reference to above example you can’t map the same VLANs to the first, third, fifth, and seventh network connections, or to the second, fourth, sixth, or eighth network connections. Because each of these connections are logical FlexNICs on the same LOM, and you can’t map the same VLANs to more than one FlexNIC on the same LOM.

Hence please refer HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook to configure your network in VC environment.

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