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Virtual Connect Manager not importing enclosure

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Virtual Connect Manager not importing enclosure


I have a problem where I have 4 c7000 chassis that were running fine are now not importing the enclosures after a firmware update of the OA to 4.22. VC firmware at 3.3


I reset the VC's and the OA's and recreated the the OA's config.


when I connect to the primary OA and try to import the enclosure through the GUI wizard  I get the "enc0 is not imported. Please make sure the OA is not part of another VC Domain and that the OA credentials are correct"


If I try to do the import via the cli i get the following error

->show enclosure
ID Name Import Status Serial Number Part Asset Tag
enc0 h036 NotImported SGHXXXXXXXXX

->remove enclosure enc0
ERROR: This is the primary enclosure in the domain and it cannot be removed

->import enclosure
Importing enclosure, please wait...
ERROR: Request to import Local Enclosure failed: Error undefined error
typeImport Failed



If I try to import an enclosure through the non primary OA that fails

"Unable To Connect to the Onboard Administrator"


This is getting very frustrating